Restrained and easier to plan, weddings with less stress and money needed

The love celebration, the union would not be the same without a party to precede this moment and people to be and share with you such a happy day. But it all leads then to the need to make it on their taste, please your guests and “steal” from the attention it should be for you. Out of this reason and more others some like the intimate and restrained parties and today we get interested in how to plan a small wedding.

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How to plan a small wedding

In the first place the main difference is about the number of guests and so implicitly the number of tables to be decorated, number of menus. But in the end the same things are needed, right? And not just this but to exclude a few from your guests’ list comes with chances of a relationship, friendship lost after. In a few pieces of advice of how to plan a small wedding and how to avoid annoying facts disturbing you find out bellow:

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How to plan a small wedding

  • A small wedding comes with chances to save money too. In decorations for example you can save a lot by excluding some from the list. Even with the idea of a few guests and to spoil them you don’t have to exaggerate into creating a too bedizen decor.
  • The list of guests is up to each couple to decide what the translation of a small wedding. Hence it should be no more than 150 persons. And here including the families of both sides, closest friends and siblings.
How to plan a small weddingImage Source

How to plan a small wedding

  • On the same page with the wedding type choose the location, there is no point to choose the restaurant randomly as size as it will be a little bit awkward to have conversation and hear the eco, to have a so large space and dispersed tables around.
  • To better define your concept of a small wedding make it all intimate as decor. For example not pompous tall vases with flowers on tables but candles, lights.

Many associate a restrained event of such kind with a less formal event. So that if you really want to renounce at some etiquette announce and make it known for the guests. It is about they will expect to see at your wedding, from the first dance to the bouquet tossed, cake cut and so on. But in the end since being a small wedding at least these to be part of the event, as to compensate with the big party where people dance a lot.

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