Save what’s left, now that it isn’t too late!

It’s hard to customize the problems in a marriage; some live happily for the exciting wedding period and then they realize it was all a fantasy, not a reality; babies change the couple’s life and habits too so problems are at all steps. How do you pass over without getting to the extreme point of separation? How exactly to save your marriage? The answer is in you but you have no idea.

First things first, one of you has to make that step for a change. Let your vanity aside and be convinced that you want to save your marriage. Of course that it must be a work of two but the enthusiasm of one will arouse the interest for this issue to the other.

How to save your marriage? Does it worth anymore? You can’t find out without trying it and there’s nothing to lose if you do. Remember why you got married in the first place, the love that united you, the promise made in that glorious day for your couple life. And there’s no more that easiness to say goodbye after you are married since you built a life, a house, a relationship and until the no hope point you got to give your best for the wellbeing.

Ideas? When you feel you just can’t anymore some therapy session may help too. A spontaneous vacancy is sometimes enough to have time just for the two of you and work at your relationship. I don’t know if going where you went in your honeymoon will help but for sure something romantic is expected.

Ferret out the problem! From where did all happen? Everything has a solution so from money related issues to living with parents or parents in law you both have to take action for your own good. And in the end you want to have your mind at ease that you made everything you could, even when you’re not wrong to admit the other’s point of view. And no, it’s not abasement or depreciation but just a way to discover whether the problem is at you first.

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