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With Dyeable Shoe Store you have the chance to find the wedding footwear online including the dyeable wedding shoes, wedding accessories as well as wedding sets. Leading shoes designers are present in the pages of this online store, such as Touch Ups, Coloriffics, Alisha Hill, Nuna, Dyeables, Grace, Kenneth Cole, Liz Rene Couture and Colorful Creations. The line of this footwear incorporates the following items: wedding sandals, sling backs, slides, pumps, ballet flats and mules, closed toe shoes, peep toe shoes, as well as dyeable handbags for wedding.

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Dyeable Wedding Shoes

The thing with dyeable wedding shoes is that these types of footwear can be also used after the wedding day is over. It is a well known fact that most of the things that pertain to a wedding, starting from attire, accessories and decorations are used only for a single day, after that they become useless. This is why many items are rather hired than purchased: due to the one night-stand usage. The same happens with the white wedding shoes that you choose for celebrating your big day. They can become useless or very seldom used with another outfit, be it even on special occasions or other special celebrations. Not many women choose to pair white footwear with their black cocktail dress, or the burgundy color of an evening gown.

So, as a former bride you would be tempted to get rid of these white shoes, especially the high heel-ed ones, once the wedding festivity reaches to its end. There is no way that you can choose to sell this footwear as it is not at all hygienic and thus you won’t have any customers to queue at your white wedding shoes that you put for auction sale on eBay, for instance. And for you not to throw this footwear away there is the option of purchasing dyeable wedding shoes through online Dyeable Shoe Store.

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Dyeable Wedding Shoes

Once you have decided on a pair of shoes to fit your size and the style of your wedding gown you should focus further on the chances you have to dye the specific pair of bridal shoes. The site offers as well the custom dyeing in case you do not find a shoe repair shop to have these items dyed for you. Apart from this you are given another option, that of choosing a pair that you like but it doesn’t match with the color of your gown. In this case you can as well resort to the services of the Dyeable Shoe Store that can have the specific pair dyed for your big day.

One aspect that you might dread of is the way these shoes will behave after being treated with the dye. The site reassures you that the shoes are color fast meaning they will not bleed or run once being exposed to the moisture, but once they have been dyed they can not undertake another dyeable procedure. With your choice of a designer bridal pair of shoes you can make certain that dyeing services through Dyeable Shoe Store will turn out to be very well mastered to satisfy your needs.

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Dyeable Wedding Shoes

After you have chosen the specific dyeable wedding shoes, you must make sure that the surface of the shoes is well protected, therefore they need to be sprayed with water repellent spray while ensuring that the spray will work great for the fabric without altering the color. With this spray you will prevent staining but it will not confer your shoes the waterproof feature.

Through the dyeing services of Dyeable Shoe Store you will invest all their potencies into dyeing the wedding shoes as appropriately as they can to the wedding gown dress. Many bridal designers choose to make a wedding gown from a fabric that is included also in the fabric of the wedding shoes. This is why many brides will decide to go for this perfect bridal set, gown and footwear alike as in this way they will be spared of searching for ways to have their footwear dyed in accordance with the dress.

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Dyeable Wedding Shoes

If you choose for instance dyable wedding shoes made from Luxe (a fabric that replaced the old peau de soie – a fabric that has the texture of cotton) you will be happy to find out that these shoes can dye better than peau on darker hues. Luze is actually a cross texture between satin and peau de soie presenting also a little sheen and in this way you can make certain to have these shoes matching with any satin gown.

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