Selecting the Colors for Your Winter Wedding

Color is an important element introduced in the unfolding of your wedding. In fact there is no wedding being celebrated without the perfect selection of a color scheme regardless if there is a theme or not.

Colors for Winter WeddingsSource

Colors for Winter Weddings

There are brides who decide to replace the theme with a color scheme instead, so as you can see, no matter whether or not is a theme, the presence of color is mandatory. Therefore brides consider choosing the colors in accordance to their tastes, for instance, you can choose a color that you like the best and then pair it with a complementary color or even with one analog color and a complementary one in a three color scheme of your wedding.

Colors for Winter Weddings Source

Colors for Winter Weddings

Other brides choose the colors in accordance to the season when they celebrate their wedding. If you have your wedding in the winter season, then you might want to select the colors for winter wedding. In this case you should know that many brides go for the ones that are so specific to the Christmas time, such as red, green and white.

Colors for Winter Weddings Source

Colors for Winter Weddings

Other brides might choose the colors for winter weddings that are associated to the sparkling of the white snow, and go for blue and silver. There are as well colors inspired by the brides’ taste for a specific color, such as lavender (which can be also a great choice for winter season color) and pair it with silver or gold.

A good tip: it is always better to go with the colors for winter weddings that are inspired from the nature unfolding or the celebration that is so special during the winter time which is also very preferred by most people. In this way you can create a special impression in the heart of your guests instead of going for a color scheme that has nothing to do with the season features.


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