Shamrock Flower Wedding Favors for Your Irish Wedding Guests

All Irish weddings are organized with the presence of plenty of symbols that relate wedding couples to their traditions and the symbolism brought by these. The same goes for shamrock flower wedding favors that you plan to present as your gift of appreciation for your family and friends.

Shamrock Flower Wedding FavorsSource

Shamrock Flower Wedding Favors

The symbol of shamrock flower has been around for more than 16 centuries when St. Patrick firstly introduced shamrock, the three leaved clover, as a reflection of the holy trinity: the Father, the Son and the Holy Ghost. This flower stands as well as a symbol of the three theological virtues such as love, faith and hope. Some might say, that clover comes from a farther origin than the 5th century, namely with the ancient Celts who revered this flower because of its three leaved presence.

Shamrock Flower Wedding Favors Source

Shamrock Flower Wedding Favors

These ancient people were very connected to nature showing a great sense of understanding its simplicity. As a result they have come up with all sorts of symbols (triple spiral, triskelion, and others alike) implemented in the interpretation of their beliefs and way of living. Celts have always found the number three as a component of the three important energies time, gods and balance, these ones being important for their people and the nature that surrounded them.

Shamrock Flower Wedding Favors Source

Shamrock Flower Wedding Favors

So, presenting your Irish guests with shamrock flower wedding favors, you will do nothing else but offering them with symbols of their tradition related to spiritual growth and well being. The other representation, the four leaved clover, is also considered to stand for good luck since the four leaves plant is rather rare. This symbol comes with a characteristic for each of the leaves: respect, love, health and wealth. And what other wishful thoughts are more recommended than this four leaves-clover that can be represented within your shamrock flower wedding favors?

If you take a look online among the collections of Irish wedding favors you will come across various shamrock flower wedding favors displayed either as items in the form of shamrock flower or as items with graphic designs in the form of a shamrock. Thus you have various versions of wedding favors to choose from, so you have to decide which one of them you are more attracted to. When you find the one that represents you and your thoughtful wishes towards your guests’ attendance, then you won’t have any problems to further personalize it, since many of these items can be personalized.

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