Some Ideas on Top Bridesmaid Gifts

We don’t know if there is such a thing like ‘top bridesmaid gifts’ since no one can say which those criteria of selection can be in setting a top of these special gifts that you want to present your best girlfriends with for assisting you with the planning and celebration of the most important day of your life. For instance you can make a top of these gifts in accordance with those gifts that are the most commonly chosen by brides from around the world, but this is rather a hard criterion to follow considering the various traditions and cultures existing out there.

Top Bridesmaid GiftsSource

Top Bridesmaid Gifts

One other criteria of making a top on the bridesmaid gifts would be the trendiest gifts that go with the fashion of the year, such as T-shirts and tote bags in the colors that are on fashion for the specific year. But how about the things that women love the most? Can this be a criterion enough to set a top on these types of gifts? Because there are top bridesmaid gifts that include on the list items that are the best favored by women, such as make-up kits and jewelry. There are however some ideas that we want to share with you as maybe in this way we can be of help for the hard task of yours: choosing the top bridesmaid gifts for your girlfriends:

Top Bridesmaid Gifts Source

Top Bridesmaid Gifts

* Buying a set of jewelry pieces that comprise the birthstone of your friends. You must know by now what their birth dates are and with the help of online information you can find out which is the lucky birth stone associated with each of these dates or horoscope sign. You can present the top bridesmaid gift with a note in which you describe the story and meaning of that stone.

Top Bridesmaid Gifts Source

Top Bridesmaid Gifts

* Another idea would be to make a DVD movie editing images shot during the wedding planning alternatively with the ones shot during the wedding unfolding. If you have pictures taken throughout your long period of friendship while partying together, then you can edit them as well within this movie with comments that emphasize in an emotional way your relationship.

* The following idea can be included in the top bridesmaid gifts list especially if you have girlfriends who like exercising on musical rhythms. Buy an MP3 for each one of them on which you have downloaded music for workout exercises.

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