Styles and Symbols with Celtic Wedding Invitations

Of all the traditional wedding invitations existing out there, Celtic wedding invitations count among the richest in symbols wedding cards. The most popular symbol which is not preferred only by the Irish marrying couples but by many other couples worldwide is the Celtic knot. It is perhaps the oldest pattern used in the history of symbols.

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Celtic Wedding Invitations

The ancient Romans had it used to adorn the structure of their building trims, then the early Christians used it to adorn the pages of their manuscripts not to mention all the other artworks of the history that contained this symbol in various contexts. Even if there is no religious connotation to this symbol, Celtic knot is known to symbolize everlasting love and the sign of each partner’s commitment to the relationship.

Celtic Wedding InvitationsImage Source

Celtic Wedding Invitations

But if you are looking for Celtic wedding invitations to send over to your guests, you should know that there is a wide range of styles and symbols to choose from. To ease up the things for you in making the decision, you should have a better knowledge on what each symbol signifies and how this one is used in the design of the wedding card. You will find symbols that are represented in a simple manner and a modest layout of the invite, but you will as well find symbols richly represented on  the card where all sorts of techniques where used to confer the paper more depth and sophistication.

Celtic Wedding InvitationsImage Source

Celtic Wedding Invitations

It is very important to know beforehand what type of wedding you are planning for this day, because in this way you will find it simpler to choose your Celtic wedding invitations. For a more casual style you could go with the simple style of a card where a minimalist representation of the Celtic lovers’ knot or Claddagh symbol can adorn the card. The technique of having this printed may be that of a machine printing or embossed technique which is more usually utilized for the elegant and more stylish Celtic wedding invitations.

Most of the times these cards are created and designed in white card board, although you can find also ivory colored paper for the classy styled invitations. So, before ordering for your Celtic wedding cards, make sure that you have decided on the style of your wedding as in this way you can choose much easier these invites.

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