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Many brides on their wedding promise themselves that all will be “perfect.” But what does this mean for you? Usually when party is over you are left with memories from the event, and what better way to reminisce than to look at the wonderful photo album filled with amazing photographs

The secret to fabulous wedding photos is capturing just the right moments, and some of the best photo ideas are the most unexpected. Of course this is the photographer’s job you might say, yet there are some things you should also take under consideration.

For example, if you choose to dress at the civil marriage differently than the wedding dress, you wouldn’t want to wear a hat. It is elegant, indeed! But … you can ruin the image. Not the lady-like image, but that of the photo, because it will overshadow much of you face and eyes. If you really want to wear one, go for a large brimmed hat (with transparent brims of course), so that the picture is not uniformly illuminated.

Right after you say “I do” you will sip your groom a kiss but he needs to be remembered not to cover your face. You want to immortalize your first kiss as a couple and for that both of you need to appear in the photo.

When you walk down the altar, don’t rush! You should let everybody see how beautiful and elegant you are and also the photographer needs some frames to provide beautiful images. Otherwise, you risk having two or three shoots where your eyes are closed or your mouth is crooked.

Did you rent a limo for the wedding? It would be a wonderful photo with the groom helping you get out of the car.

For a more glamorous look, note that the photo will look better if your hips are slightly turned in front half-section of the device.

Last but not least you should try to listen as much as possible to your photographer. After all he’s the professional and making everything look good it’s his job. If you feel that you are not on the same wavelength, don’t panic; just explain to him with plenty of details your point of view.

And if you want a truly successful ceremony with great wedding photos you should keep in mind two principles: don’t shoot the piano player, and don’t rush the photographer! The first provides the liveliness; the second ensures the splendid wedding memories.

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