Sweet things you only at the wedding can have them

Considering the uniqueness of the event, how special the wedding day is and the bridal experience is each bride to be has as goal to make her dreams come true. In small details a difference is made so from the way she will be dressed to what favors will she give to each guest it is a challenge of creativity to plan it all. Today we focus on wedding stuff, things that are a delight for brides to be.

Wedding stuff

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For some a few more wedding expenses, for others the chance to take full advantage of what the wedding means actually so they won’t put at question the decision to buy such things, in the measure of their budget available and wedding theme to match as style. A few of these are:

Wedding stuff

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  • A personalized pen for the guests to sign in the wedding guest book.  Like the time capsule that book remains with good thoughts and wishes from those that participated and celebrated with you the wedding day. And the pen gives a more personal touch.
  • Lots of items that are part of the decor after all and you can just rent them. In this category are the ring pillows, the champagne cups, the cutting of the cake set, flower girl basket. It is true that if bought you don’t have what to do with them anymore but to keep them in the memories box.
Wedding stuff

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The bride’s interest is high when it comes about things she needs and for sure she won’t make deduction of them. In this wedding stuff category are included the bustier, a sort of corset that in some cases is under as part of lingerie or on the dress as part of the design, used as intention to create a slimmer bodice. It is an elastic band actually. Also, lingerie not only for the wedding day but for the honeymoon time after, maybe even personalized shoes. What does this mean? A trend of course, the sole of the shoes with shiny rhinestones having symbol or even a word; some opt for “I do”, others for the “b” initial from “bride”.


Maybe exaggerated but some want for the wedding day each and every detail to be with the same purpose and part of the same theme. Have you imagined that even the coat hanger for the dress to be a fancy colored one, personalized too?

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