Celebrating Your Winter Wedding in the Snow

Celebrating Your Winter Wedding in  the Snow

Posted in: Winter Weddings by Alyx | January 28th 2011 | no comments

If you have chosen to celebrate your winter wedding in the snow, you should consider organize this event in the region of Tahoe. This place is divinely covered in snow in the season of winter revealing a wonderland backdrop that is hard to be equaled with any other summer time wedding celebration. Many couples for vary reasons choose their wedding day to celebrated in the season of [...]

Wedding Dresses Hawaiian Style

Wedding Dresses Hawaiian Style

Posted in: Wedding Dresses by Alyx | November 2nd 2010 | no comments

Many couples choose Hawaii as their wedding destination and what can be for the bride more representative as an outfit if not the Hawaiian wedding dress that complements so well the Hawaiian place that the couple chooses as their wedding venue?! But let’s see first what the local brides’ tradition is when it comes to choosing their Hawaiian wedding dresses. Various floral prints [...]

Hiring a Wedding Consultant for Your Las Vegas Wedding

Hiring a Wedding Consultant for Your Las Vegas Wedding

Posted in: Las Vegas by Alyx | October 26th 2010 | no comments

To plan a wedding on your own is a difficult task especially if you have chosen Las Vegas as your wedding destination and you are not one of the locals. In this case you might want to resort to the services of a Las Vegas wedding consultant. You might know already what is there to do and maybe you have the means to do it without hiring a wedding consultant, many would prefer this way as [...]

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