The Aesthetic of Nicole Miller Wedding Gowns

Nicole Miller Company was founded in 1982 aiming to design styles for both regular consumers and celebrities. The house also started to create clothing for babies and toddlers, but became renowned for the sense of aesthetic introduced by Nicole Miller wedding gowns and her taste in using opalescent fabrics.

The side draped dresses in prints and plain colors reflected an attractive versatility, but maybe the most appealing style is given by simple, neat lines of the bridal gowns styles focused mainly in the column style and the sensuality of the mermaid style. There are multiple alternatives of halter bodice, strapless bodice, all coming as beautiful completions to the overall elegance of Nicole Miller wedding gowns.

Nicole Miller Wedding Gowns

Nicole Miller Wedding Gowns

The fabrics used by Nicole Miller make the gown look so light that one lives under the impression that the slim white silhouette will pretty soon become inert and start floating in the air. The spring collection of Nicole Miller reveals the designer in a playful mood of handling the sheer fabrics creating a minimalism that only in the 90s was so widely spread.

Nicole Miller Wedding Gowns

Nicole Miller Wedding Gowns

But with Nicole Miller you can never know; now she is so moody and neutral, and next she will be so elegant and so refined, that one could swear that this could be the only logical move in her new creations. The look revealed by Nicole Miller wedding gowns inclines more towards lean bodies wearing the sensual style of trumpet/mermaid wedding gown or the versatile style of column bridal attire with delicate choices of fabrics.

Nicole Miller Wedding Gowns

Nicole Miller Wedding Gowns

Later came also the use of colored fabrics, mainly the beige color bringing a vintage note on the overall aspect of the bridal attire. For instance, the collection of Nicole Miller wedding gowns 2010 can be seen as the suitable styles for the elegant silhouettes. This is due to the fact that all designs inclined more to the haltered bodices or strapless apparels. Not to forget mentioning the presence of silk, lace and tulle fabrics which in their turn completed the attire in their note of elegance and ethereal.

And since Nicole Miller is a designer to satisfy more tastes, styles and personalities, there are a few creations to satisfy the plus size brides, therefore it is no wonder that among her designs one can find the plus size Nicole Miller wedding gowns displayed at affordable prices.

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