The beauty of emerald and the creative decor for your wedding

To choose a decor for the wedding find first something to inspire you. From the season to the time of the wedding, from location to what are your preferences the color can be with a great influence too. Emerald is for example a trend this year. Of course it comes first as a favorite color for the couple but in equal measure it counts to find those decorations that make proud the color they wear and in this case emerald green.


emerald wedding ideas


Within a selection made a top 5 emerald wedding ideas is useful to hint at those main parts of your wedding where to put into spotlights this fancy color.

The emerald decor ideas

Count on green to have a complex design flower arrangements for centerpieces, with plants and herbs, with touches of greenery.

Choose your path: either emerald green table covering either the decorations on the table. And even the cups can be green, with bottles alike, with table counter card too.

Emerald glass for the bowl where you can add a light, a candle and this will transform the entire decor into a colored one, a fancy look nevertheless. It can be also the candle support that you can offer as favor.

Jewelry like cake design. Emerald is a gemstone so inspired by these the cake can be the astounding look like a jewelry box.

Emerald inspires also the freshness of spring and nature so you can have the monogram touched by emerald green, with filed flowers too to be part of the decor.

Not least the 5 emerald wedding ideas can be about the entire decor that can gain this touch of color. From the banners you may want to hang above the sweets table to the carpet at the entrance it is just about a matter of taste.

2013 emerald green wedding decorations

For a modern concept wedding decor you may find your inspiration on where you can find even dinner plates in this attractive green look. And among your top 5 emerald wedding ideas don’t forget about the details, bows and small diamonds to be spread on tables, emerald accessories that you can find on

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