The bride is with the nerves down- we need helps!!!! Things that can happen at the ceremony and tips to solve them

Even though it is supposed to be your happiest day of your life we never know when and why, inexplicably, the universe makes a scheme. But you have to be prepared for everything, to have a plan b so things not turn into a circus. Some have a wedding planner agent hired that is even in the possession of pills for everyone having a breakdown.

5 top wedding ceremony Tips

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Avoiding certain facts and not only we consider there is a top 5 wedding ceremony tips everyone should know about and bear in mind. It is about:

5 top wedding ceremony Tips

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  1. Having someone ready for everything. It can’t be one of the bridesmaids but one of the guests, take out one of the guests if it is the case, a moral support for the bride etc.
  2. Don’t exclude any part of the ceremony just for a simple delay; you’ll solve it out later but not now, as not to confuse guests, not to skip a part as taking action under pressure.
  3. Include traditions but not all or too many as not to bore the guests. And when it comes about multicultural wedding keep respect and included moments from both sides.
5 top wedding ceremony Tips

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  1. The vows should be your heart speaking. Don’t be too long and artistic as the point is to say what you feel.
  2. Last but not least, be confident in your choices and everything about the wedding. It is frequently a moment when brides mostly feel like everything should have been different in the planning manner. Smile and enjoy your wedding as like no other moment in your life so far.


Probably banal tips when thinking rational and detached but in those high pressure and emotional moments everything has another nuance and drama is intensively accentuated.


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