The bride is without shoes but not without style

High heels…oh, we know how painful is at a time to wear them but we can’t without them. The elegance of a leady wearing high heels is incomparable. Hence in a romantic style a barefoot wedding is the alternative. And you don’t have to worry about the shoes to buy but about accessories. We could call them this way, shoeless wedding sandals, in fact fancy foot jewelry.

shoeless wedding sandals

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Of course that shoeless wedding sandals are a possible option for brides that have a beach wedding and it’s all for a summer time. You gain much more than the pain released from any shoes types, no worries for this part but an elegant look. Indian inspired style actually the shoeless wedding sandals come in a variety of styles and designs and along with that, a price range:

shoeless wedding sandals

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  • The exotic style shoeless wedding sandals. In this case are predominate intense, vivid colors beads, the peacock colors for example, Bali inspired look, with detailed design, usually the floral style.
  • The romantic vintage style shoeless wedding sandals are the crochet ones, a single nuance and preferable is white or off white.
shoeless wedding sandals

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  • The elegant pearls shoeless wedding sandals. Despite the traditional thought according to which a bride wearing pearls for her wedding day means she will be unhappy, pearls symbolizing tears, not all brides count such a thing.
  • The modern beaded design shoeless wedding sandals. Probably the most appealing view and on top of preferences such a style is the sensual look.


Probably you wouldn’t expect to hear so many worries when to choose the shoeless wedding sandals I’ll give you a tip. For those brides that want to create the illusion of elongation, having wide ankles and not wanting to accentuate this view the style recommended is the single string between toes and going up on your feet, with closure around the ankle.


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