The Choice of Orange Wedding Color

Orange wedding colors are a great choice for bringing in brilliance to your wedding atmosphere. First of all, orange is the color of fire, of warmth and of passionate dedication, these characteristics making it a perfect choice for the unfolding of your wedding celebration. Not to mention that it is a color that can be suited for almost any season of the year when you have to perform your special day. For spring wedding for instance, it can be added in some drops here and there in the format of spring blooms that are colored orange, such as freesias, for instance. You can find also beautiful orange roses to match perfectly in your spring bridal bouquet.

Orange Wedding ColorsSource

Orange Wedding Colors

For the season of summer, orange goes also very well with various blooms that are orange-y colored and are specific to this season, such as daisies, lilies, and mini sunflower blooms. As to the season of fall, orange wedding color comes as a glove. It is the season of rusty leaves, of harvest, of Halloween, all these making orange a great choice not only for the floral arrangements, but also for the wedding decorative items, starting from balloons, ribbons, to pumpkins, lanterns, napkins and table cloths.

Orange Wedding Colors Source

Orange Wedding Colors

Since many of the wedding celebrations are selected for the season of summer and fall, orange wedding colors will definitely fit in inside the wedding atmosphere. Not to mention that among the choice of colored wedding dresses, you can find some of these creations carrying the choice of gold-orange embroidery patterns coloring the white fabric of a wedding gown with matching orange shoes, as well as jewelry with rhinestones to glitter in the orange color.

Orange Wedding Colors Source

Orange Wedding Colors

Once you have decided for the orange wedding colors, you should start the first steps of wedding planning being guided by this decision. Have your wedding invitations designed in this color, there are plenty of them available online, inside online wedding stationery, then look for the orange accented wedding gown, shoes and jewelry. After that will follow the choice of orange decorations and flowers, these ones being combined with other colors that match perfectly with orange choice, such as white, deep red, light green, dark brown, deep blue, purple and black.

Make sure that the combinations will be selected in accordance with the season of your wedding, as you wouldn’t want to confer an elaborately designed wedding celebration (using orange with purple or black) for a casual beach themed wedding. It is very important to choose well the combinations, as they will set the mood of your wedding for the guests when arriving at your wedding location.

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