The couple who set a trend for the unique way and place where to plan the wedding

Love makes us act crazy is a common phrase we hear, agree with and say at our turn. But exactly this doze maybe brings a sparkle into your life. And why do exactly what others do? Some fearless couples have really pushed the limits when thought to choose as wedding location places either hardly accessible, either just crazy for traditionalists. Not all have the guts for that but it isn’t just about something that makes you wanna scream but about something else that lets you open mouth. Today we bring a few ideas for unique wedding venues.

  1. Las Vegas is enough extreme for some mostly as it is spontaneous and with not that much planning wedding. You have a lot of locations, starting with even the drive thru chapels to sightseeing, helicopter tours.
  2. In a botanical garden, in a library or a spectacular building. It implies much more work for succeeding to get any approvals for that but not impossible and totally a unique way to celebrate such an event.
  1. On a boat. A luxurious cruise or just a yacht rented is a dreaming surrounding for a wedding. Preferable not to see a storm coming it is really something people won’t expect to hear as being your wedding location or better said passage.
  2. A field can also be your choice, a golf course or something related to any of these. Unique and flattering the sports fans to rent, book the entire ground exclusively for your wedding participants it may costs you a small fortune, depending of course on conditions, facilities and space. But you still have to pay a fee, come with all needing items from tables to decorations and improved kitchen right?

But in the end it less matters probably the venue as to be unique but more important to feel is special for you. For example a wedding at the university in a garden may be memories awaken moment for the couples which met duringuniversity attending and from that momentcontinued to share life and love.

It’s not that easy accessible for places like these as otherwise people would have explored the locations for planning weddings venues right? A lot of risks implied but couples are happy enough as to have time to say “I do” in the place they dream about and the party to be a changed location.


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