The Distinction of Valentino Wedding Dresses

When searching for Valentino wedding dresses it is impossible not to remark the style and distinction that are combined in order to lead to lines and curves of high purity and refinement. The 2010 Valentino Sposa Collection, the Valentino wedding dresses creations compiled in a collection displayed for the 2010 season, reveal strapless choices of necklines, high waists being introduced with the best of fabrics, such as Mikado, silk, organza, gazar, taffeta and the slight chiffon.

Valentino Wedding Dresses

Valentino Wedding Dresses

The haut couture can be distinctly seen from the very first look inside the collection that encompasses also details like bows, pleats, drapes, chantilly lace or the splendid rebrodés  When we say Valentino, we are instantly led to his world of imagination, of elegance, beauty and modernity as well.

Valentino Wedding Dresses

Valentino Wedding Dresses

But what can be the most inspiring source for this designer when seeing his creations? The femininity is the traditional feature that has inspired and still inspires the fashion designers of today and when it comes to create bridal attire their imagination is even more lit up by the beautiful female forms. It is this femininity that has drawn the attention and spirit of imagination of this designer into creating a style that combines classic with innovation to finally result in elegant, refined Valentino wedding dresses collection.

Another element that brings romance and mystery to the Valentino bridal look is the presence of veil that seems of the delicacy and finesse of a cobweb bringing a perfect addition to the lucky bride wearing Valentino creation on the happiest day of her life.

Valentino Wedding Dresses

Valentino Wedding Dresses

Pronovias bridal site can boast with Valentino wedding dresses collection when introducing these creation that display the romance, elegance and nostalgia of lace fabric imprinting the overall feel of a vintage style. One of these bridal gown is called  Hesperides having a bow detail and lace sleeves that delicately wrap the shoulders and the arms of the bride.

The short cap sleeves made of lace, and silk sashes that tie in a bow either at the front or the back side are other elements that complement the vintage feel of the ivory colored Valentino wedding dress. Just search for these creations inside the Pronovias bridal site to have a better grasp of these gowns: Euridice that comes with heavy –looking cap sleeves of the slim cut gown, Metis joining in with the ¾ sleeved creation of a lace bridal gown, and the beautiful Columba as a great model of body-hugging style of wedding gown.

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