The High End Style of Oscar de la Renta Wedding Gowns

One can not talk about a famous public figure without mentioning his or her background that has led to the formation of the celebrity who is today. This is the reason why, whenever we talk about renowned fashion designers, we tend to get back to their past to find out what exactly has inspired them and also determined them to become such remarkable artists in fashion industry. This is what happens whenever we watch various fashion shows on TV: we wonder at the richness of ideas and inspiration that populate the mind and the spirit of such talented artists and never stop being amazed by their ever new creations.

Oscar de la Renta Wedding GownsSource

Oscar de la Renta Wedding Gowns

With Oscar de la Renta wedding gowns, the phenomenon repeats itself when seeing entire collections of vibrant designs that fit so well on the feminine curves of the models. We can not cease wondering how does this fashioner do it every season coming up with such exquisite designs and adaptation of the traditional styles that take your breath away. Again, the roots and the background of Oscar de la Renta put their print on his ever new creations.

Oscar de la Renta Wedding GownsSource

Oscar de la Renta Wedding Gowns

Oscar de la Renta was born in Dominican Republic’s capital city of Santo Domingo, a place that is filled with the fresh appearance of colorful, exotic flowers with plenty of sunshine, all of them finding their reflection in the inspired designs of this fashioner’s collections of wedding apparel. His artistic formation took place in Madrid when studying painting and meanwhile finding his origin strongly resonating with the Spanish culture. He was lucky enough to have the chance to fall in the captivity of Spanish music and art, and from there being carried to the nostalgic and dramatic style of flamenco dance.

Oscar de la Renta Wedding GownsSource

Oscar de la Renta Wedding Gowns

Another chance that accompanied the young artist on the road of shaping his talent was the opportunity he got to have his apprenticeship done by the famous Spain’s couturier, Cristóbal Balenciaga. This was the beginning of a great love that started to be seen later in his creations of clothes, Oscar de la Renta wedding gowns collection included in his famous portfolio.

Continuing to improve his skills and art craft, he joined Parisian house of haute couture working as an assistant and becoming more familiar with the extravagant style of haute couture. In here he started to be more and more influenced by the way details can be incorporated in the overall design of a wedding dress. He became fascinated by the way materials can be lavishly displayed while being given an impressive attention for details applied in the form of jewels, ornate trims and other more. These have become the main features that accompany the creations of Oscar de la Renta wedding gowns, making them the most desired wedding apparel by the worldwide brides.

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