The high interest of a bride at the reception party is not for the program to be followed

After emotions have vanished or at least partially, you get used little by little with the posture of being a bride at the party time you take it serious and just…party. After the grooms’ first dance, another challenge in front of all guests’ eyes brides can say they are relax and will dance and have fun in the name of this statue as long as they have time available. So it’s a different interest for the bride in this case and we discuss today about bridal reception.

No, it’s not another party just for her orsomething else than the wedding reception. It’s just the way she sets her priorities. Now that everything about this is usually in the parents’ hands and if not at least she can pass to her groom’slist of tasks the bride at the reception party may be interested more in:

  • The dance with the father. Traditionally she won’t end the party without a special dance dedicated to her father and as simple it may sound it is as emotional as the first dance. It should be “planned” to happen right after the big opening night party, after the dance with the groom. Some make a surprise out of this but you may want to have a word with the father in law too, as not to upset the other family by letting him outside of this story.
  • Even with a photo session planned you can’t gather all wedding guests so at the party even just going from table to table to take a picture with them will be a solution.
  • You’re a bride indeed but a host too so you may want to remember your guests about the wedding guests book to sign in.
  • You don’t think at what’s worst but being prepared means to prevent several embarrassing moments. Some brides put in charge usually one of the bridesmaids with sewing, pins in case you want to lift your train and a few cosmetics to refresh the make-up.
  • And don’t forget that it is your day but without guests just a family gathering, so dancing as much possible with people in your wedding will flatter them.


While the groom may be concerned with gifts, parents with the catering part, serving and all details of such kid the bride is the one to take the ropes of popularity. Much more “present” in discussions with guests she enjoys doing this after all.

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