The “I do” party- another stress and planning

There are two types couples: those who share their happiness and party after the engagement time and those who want everything just for the two of them, something intimate hence they all get to the same point. After the proposal, exactly then, how to plan an engagement party?

Depending on what you want to do, on the budget too the party planning starts of course with choosing the location. And step by step you need to:

How to Plan an Engagement Party

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  • Announce both families. They should agree about who hosts the party but traditionally it is about the bride’s parents.
  • Choose the date and location. Considering that it is both parents, siblings and friends gathering a club is not the most indicated idea. It can be a cocktail party at home, and a night out just with the young guests. It doesn’t have to be in the same day all that but it all depends on how your guests will respond to the invitation.
How to Plan an Engagement Party

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  • Invite people, an email send is one idea or just a phone call; it is not expected to send invitations unless it is the sophisticated event.
  • Everything is casual as style so the way you dress should be on this side. Also when it comes about the menu you just need to give a few calls and the easier way is to have a buffet with appetizers.
How to Plan an Engagement Party

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But there are cases of those that want to plan the engagement party just between friends. Siblings and family are too much so you need to find a restaurant. In that case think at the entertainment part, go to a karaoke club for example.


And last don’t forget about the photos, you want to have memories of that day right? If not hiring one at least make sure friends around have and are willing to take photos as much as to have from where to select as making an album later.


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