The Iceland inspiration wedding- blue power

From spring to winter there is no season to not have blue as one of its representative nuances. It varies in nuances indeed but it can be an option for all. The navy blue imposes high class elegance, the soft pastel variant can be the casual style. Adapting to all cases now it remains to find the decorations that best describe your wedding, tell the story behind. And we come today with a few blue wedding ideas.

Blue Wedding Ideas

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Now that we embrace winter and holidays time blue can be the way you create your wedding decor to represent and express the nature inspired theme. Or maybe not but in any case here is a selection we made with some amazing decorations of such touch color:

Blue Wedding Ideas

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  • Blue can be for the bride to, considering the tradition with the “something blue” part. It can be the accessories, flowers, garter, headpiece or shoes- Manolo Blahnik has an astounding style and design blue shoes, famous as Carrie Bradshow had them too.
  • In a dramatic way style the blue wedding cake can be with petals or small flowers or butterflies decorated in a richness of such details and less and less as getting to the base. For the winter time it can be the frozen look like cake.
Blue Wedding Ideas

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  • For a garden wedding balls of flowers hanging at each chair row or the blue cornets are of a great effect. Also the blue aisle or on the white table covering the middle part blue part satin covering bring the elegance and contrast that impress at first sight.
  • Hanging blue and sparkling starts create a romantic and winter like decor.
  • For a summer time wedding base on beach inspiration blue details.


Depending on what you want to express through this wedding decor color blue can be combined with white, yellow why not or keep the same pallet in various nuances.

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