The importance and deserved place for wedding rings accomplished by the sweet decorative pillow

Within the idea to make it all as by book the wedding rings are carried on a small pillow by the little boy with this duty, the ring bearer. Not that it is the single option but of a common choice is the small pillow. In each and every detail counting what’s the color you will choose? While some make a correlation with the wedding colors some prefer ivory ring bearer pillow.

ivory ring bearer pillow

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Why ivory? There are so many reasons to choose this color and from the first to think correlation, your wedding colors, it can be something that hints the bride, her wedding dress nuance and probably the same for the groom. Or it could be just a contrast you want as the decorative part, the design of the pillow to come with a powerful touch color. Also thinking at a pale, delicate, soft nuance ivory can be just the alternative for the classic pure white that traditionally dominates at weddings.

ivory ring bearer pillow

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Considering the time of the event, the season for the spring time is a soft nuance as the season itself, for winter it’s the alternative snowy white idea inspired by the season, for all is a representative nuance so what’s the inconvenient about that?

ivory ring bearer pillow

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Now in concrete examples of what you can choose ivory pillows come not only in a wide range options as design but as shape too. In a contrasting color it can be personalized, with monogram, wedding date or even a text, “eternal love”, “yes we do” or what you consider representative for you as style.


This accessory is around $30-40 now depending on the style. A minimal price will be the simple one with a satin line on it for example, something more expensive wit beaded butterflies pins for the rings or embroidered lace.


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