The intelligent bra, silicone cups for brides

The first thing bought for the bridal attire is surely the wedding dress. And according to this brides establish the others accessories for the complete outfit. The underwear is on the same page regarding the needs and even though choosing the transparent back side bra, strapless sometimes it’s not enough. The magic cup set is what you need.

bridal Magicups

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It’s not something lately appeared yet something modern and practical. What exactly is this magic cup set? Silicone cups for breasts that simply apply on you and have no straps, no back side. Will this work? Well there are pros and cons about these:

bridal Magicups

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  • They close in front as a better sustaining one for the other cup. And the best part is that they will bring closer the breasts, creating a sensual and boosted bust.
  • You feel like not having a bra, it’s comfortable and mostly indicated to those that will have a strapless dress and with lower corset back side line that not even a corset can be worn, for those with backless dress or satin dress within its sheath line that will make visible any bra with models under it.
bridal Magicups

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  • These magic silicone cups can be worn by any bride as long as she wants to impress with a generous or just a sensual look of the bust, when having a deep cut cleavage at the dress.
  • Besides the sustaining part they boost your bust, acting as push up, come in a wide range options models so not simple skin color and only for $19.


One single inconvenient you may meet, and that’s mostly for the beginners let’s say, if you are in perspirations and you haven’t applied the magic cups correctly they may create you a discomfort.


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