The legendary Michael Jordan and his plans in personal life – a wedding is coming?

Last year in December lots of celebrities took the road of supreme love gesture and popped the question for that. In many cases holidays were the best period to be romantic and say it loud. And it is the case of Michael Jordan too. Through an official statement we found out about an engagement and we now wait for the wedding date and all details that make the feast for all.

Michael Jordan wedding dateSource

Michael Jordan wedding date

The ex of Julio Iglesias, cuban model Yvette Prieto and Michael Jordan have a long relationship from 3 years ago. Despite the age difference of 15 years between them they proved to the world even though this less matters that they love each other with no conditions. She said it officially the she accepted the proposal but nothing more.

Michael Jordan wedding date Source

Michael Jordan wedding date

From the very beginning they were reserved in declarations regarding their relationship. From here the speculations probably. In the worse way to gossip some say the newly engaged Yvette Prieto is pregnant but nothing came to confirm that. Others says it is just for the money of Michael Jordan she is interested in but honestly with 2 companies she has and leads in Miami is unlikely to want this. I mean she is on her own way with money to relish this guilty pleasure.

Michael Jordan wedding date Source

Michael Jordan wedding date

As for the wedding we expect to happen this year it is all a question mark. The date hasn’t been said and inside sources say it isn’t known by the media as the couple doesn’t known till now; it wasn’t chosen so far. Nothing to be revealed, nothing to know for sure but no surprise to hear that this summer or until the last of the year Michael Jordan will get married again.

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