The Magical Blue Wedding Invitations

When couples need to announce the happy event coming soon in their life, they always resort to sending out wedding invitations where the details of this event are thoroughly described. The same thing is done with the choice of blue wedding invitations. They will outline the theme of the wedding, the details of the event as well as indications on the required attire, if the case.

Blue Wedding InvitationsSource

Blue Wedding Invitations

Blue wedding invitations are most often chosen types of invitations for weddings that have a nautical theme or are celebrated by the seashore. Apart from these themes, there could be as well the choice of a color scheme of your wedding that determined you to send blue colored wedding cards announcing the event to your guests. Another factor that is determinant in the choice of this magical color is a fairy tale themed wedding, such as it would be for instance, the Swans Lake theme, or the Snow Queen theme. All the fairy tales that include in their plot the presence of water or winter season also draw the attention for the choice of blue wedding invitations.

Blue Wedding InvitationsSource

Blue Wedding Invitations

Apart from all these factors, we shouldn’t overlook the seasonal weddings, such as it is the season of winter that can also be a reason to send the magical blue invitations to your invitees. Blue color, beside all these determinant factors, is considered the color of serenity, of quietude and peacefulness. Just take a look inside the online wedding stationery and browse among the blue wedding invitations; they all look like sending a piece of blue sky or a piece of the blue sea into your heart. The same effect it must be imprinted to your guests upon the receiving of these magical blue wedding invitations

Blue Wedding InvitationsSource

Blue Wedding Invitations

Blue color comes in 60 shades of blue among which the most popular for wedding celebration being the navy blue, baby blue, teal, Tiffany blue, turquoise, and periwinkle. Of course that many others can as well follow, each of the choices belonging to the wedding couple’s style and desired theme. Apart from these, the choice of blue color should also take into consideration the availability of the specific color pertaining to other wedding details.

For instance it is rather hard to find electric blue colored flowers for your bridal bouquet and the table centerpieces. There can be of course the choice of silk made flowers but since this color is not very popular, chances are for this colored silk not be so easily found.

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