The magnet type save the date

It used to be a common ground between save the dates and wedding invitations. Besides one preceding the other and being about the same event, being both about the paper cards send. Nowadays the range of options is diverse and besides the desire to impress it is the satisfaction of having something unique about your income event. Today we stop for save a date magnets.

Discussing about the pros and cons about save a date magnets will be edifying for all so we start with the good parts. Give a plus for ingenuity. Surely less will expect at receiving the magnet save the date and as much surprising for the guests as much satisfying for the couple getting married. As for prices there isn’t something to be concerned about in comparison with others types. It is worthy yet when it comes about making them personalized style, for example with the bride and groom to be photo prices are higher- a simple style may be quite banal though so here is a dilemma.

Save a date magnets bring a wide range options from design to colors and shapes so besides being fun it is of a plus of appealing view. The romantic couple may opt for the heart shape magnet, others for the fun message- “finally getting married” and so on. Popular too are the seasonal inspired save the date, something symbolic for the period when the wedding will be to be the background.

Do all the details you need to include crowd the look of the magnet? The sizes are different so varying the prices too but you can stick that magnet on a piece of paper when sending where up there you include what else on the magnet wasn’t possible or esthetic to add more.


For some such details have not that much importance, any etiquette is forgotten and a direct phone call accomplishes the mission of letting people know about the income event. But on the other side some won’t give save the dates but only to those that aren’t close as distance, to those that have to plan a trip for the wedding and so on. Anyway, the magnets are a great idea that will spread smiles.


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