The Meaning of the 5th Wedding Anniversary Flower

Every wedding anniversary comes with its own flower, gemstone and symbol, and thus for the 5th wedding anniversary flower we have daisy, sapphire and wood that can be included in the gift that is presented for this wedding anniversary. It is said that many marriages see the first 5 years as the period of trial, during which couples try to adjust to the new life, the new experiences that this life brings them, while being confronted with challenges that they should be able to carry out constructively and successfully to have a long happily married life.

5th Wedding Anniversary FlowerImage Source

5th Wedding Anniversary Flower

If you are invited to a 5th wedding anniversary and do not know what to bring as a gift, consider offering a bunch of beautiful and joyful daisies along with a decorative gift made of wood. There are plenty of them out there to choose from, so it won’t be a problem for you. As to the specific 5th wedding anniversary gemstone, the sapphire, you should leave the husband and wife take care of it, as there are many pieces of jewelry to contain this gem, so, again, there won’t be a problem for them.

5th Wedding Anniversary FlowerImage Source

5th Wedding Anniversary Flower

But let’s see what exactly of the daisy’s meaning has made it turn into the specific 5th wedding anniversary flower. Daisy, etymologically speaking, is the contras form of the words ‘day’s eye’ because they appear to be like an eye of the day that is at its dawn: joyful and shinning. The meanings that are associated to this bloom go for loyal love, innocence, and purity. More than this, daisy counts among the few flowers which do not have negative meanings associated to it. Maybe you didn’t know it before, but daisy flower comes in various forms across the world, among which: African Daisy, Painted Daisy, Marguerite Daisy, Crown Daisy, and Michaelmas Daisy.

5th Wedding Anniversary FlowerImage Source

5th Wedding Anniversary Flower

In the past, but you can see also these days, maidens decorating their hair with daisies, many of them being actually brides-to-be and choosing this flower for both its delicate and pure aspect and for its meaning of loyal love and innocence.


If we look at the meanings described as loyal love along with purity of heart and soul, we can understand why daisy has been chosen as the 5th wedding anniversary flower: it is these features that should have governed the mind and soul of a married couple to make them reach the 5th anniversary of their wedding in a perfect communion and peace of mind that are so necessary for planning this special anniversary party.

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