The Meaning of Yellow and Blue Wedding Colors

Whenever you prefer choosing colors in the unfolding of your wedding, you have various options: either you go by the colors that you feel comfortable with, or you look inside the meaning of the colors to coordinate their choice with the feelings that populate your  being at this important time of your life: the wedding moment.  If the choice of colors combines both of the above options, then the selection of the specific color scheme is moreover successful, such as it is with the choice of yellow and blue wedding colors. Generally speaking we react to colors in a spontaneous way and the following guide if these two choices of colors will answer all your questions related to these colors as in this way you would know what is there to do when decorating your special day.

Yellow and Blue Wedding ColorsSource

Yellow and Blue Wedding Colors

Yellow color brings optimism, happiness and enlightenment inside your life. There is always a promise of positive future carried within this color displaying. Choosing yellow you should know that this one will stand out of other colors bringing energy and optimism combined with creative thoughts. This is why psychologically speaking, yellow will stimulate the nervous system, will activate memory stimulating also the mental processes. When using yellow and blue wedding colors, yellow in this combination works the best since together with blue it can instill vitality as well as will.

Yellow and Blue Wedding Colors Source

Yellow and Blue Wedding Colors

It is said that yellow is the color of solar plexus chakra and when this one is opened then the person can find their personal strength through the help of this specific chakra that empowers the person. In Chinese culture yellow is related to earth and in what regards direction it points out towards the center. The same culture has placed this color on a ruling position during Ming and Qing dynasties. The Indian culture sees yellow as the color to predominate in the Festival of Spring season. In the Greek culture we find yellow as the color of sadness and in French culture as the color of jealousy.

Bottom line: the predominant features of yellow when using the yellow and blue wedding colors, are that of positive thinking, spiritual warmth, young at heart and happiness. You can introduce also wedding songs that have in their title ‘yellow’ word such as “Blue and Yellow” by The Used, “Don’t Eat the Yellow Snow” by Frank Zappa, “Itsy Bitsy Teenie Weenie Yellow Polka Dot Bikini” by Paul Vance and Lee Pockriss and many others.

Yellow and Blue Wedding Colors Source

Yellow and Blue Wedding Colors

As to the blue color when used in the nice yellow and blue wedding colors combination, you should know that this one is the favorite to be used as a single color only in various wedding celebrations and venues, mostly the outdoor ones – by the beach or on board of the ship. Blue color comes with its features of trustworthy, committed and dependable. What other features can be better reflected by the unfolding of a wedding event if not the features contained in this color? This is another reason for this color to be truly preferred by the range of brides in the planning process of their special day.

Yellow and Blue Wedding Colors Source

Yellow and Blue Wedding Colors

Due to the fact that blue is the color for sky and ocean, it can always be perceived as a constant inside people’s life. It is known to be the color to bring peaceful of mind enabling our body to produce chemicals that are of relaxation and calming effect. But not all shades of blue can have this impact on people’s mind. For instance, brilliant blue comes with a note of drama and dynamism leading to exhilaration. Going with the deeper blue, the indigo color, then we find it symbolizing ‘a mystical borderland of wisdom, self-mastery, and spiritual realization’ (according to Color Expert/Squidoo). The same indigo will turn blue into an introspective color that generates deep insights increasing as well the thoughts of a person.

As to the blue Chakra, it is said that when this one is opened, then spiritual communication is encouraged along with improving clairaudience. Chinese culture sees blue associated with east and spring, while with Iranian culture, it is seen as the color for paradise.

Yellow and Blue Wedding Colors Source

Yellow and Blue Wedding Colors

As you can see, choosing yellow and blue wedding colors can be quite enough as a successful color scheme of your wedding; there is no other theme needed to attach to it. But if look also for a theme to go with this color combination then you can be inspired by what these colors means and maybe you can find something. Sun is for yellow color, for instance, and blue is for water. So, you can use something to relate to these powerful elements that exist in nature and in our everyday life and of which we depend so much.

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