The modern stylish knot style for the shoes design

How can a bride succeed to combine more fashion requests in a single pair of shoes? Maybe with the dress you are willing to endure a tight corset for a while during the event but when it comes about the shoes the pain is unbearable to wear high heels all time long. You want something comfortable but a stylish look too, to match and complement your bridal appearance style. We have something you may like, the sandals with knot face detail.

Sandal with Knot Face Detail

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With a modest heel, of a pretty design Davids Bridal has such a pair of sandals, the style called Karissa. It’s exclusively for brides coming in ivory touch and for $50 and more concretely it is about:

Sandal with Knot Face Detail

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  • 2 3/4″ heel which makes them so comfortable even for the entire time event. Hence petite brides may not like such shoes plus that they need to look taller. Also, it counts the dress type to be not that long as such a short heel to be an inconvenient.
  • They have the closure at the ankle part, a strap around it ending with a buckle, a beaded one assorted to the precious bridal look. It gives you a plus confidence that you won’t lose your shoes like Cinderella.
Sandal with Knot Face Detail

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  • With a classic round shape front part, decoupage here the main design of these sandals is about the twisted knot style. Again a thing many may find as disadvantage since some ladies have a not that esthetic look of their toes, disproportional actually or have a wide feet and ankle and such shoes don’t advantages them- they need the elongation vision not the “cut” view at the ankle.


If you go on the modern way the same knot style sandals are also at Davids Bridal available with high heel, with platform and come in red and black color option for $30.


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