The Most Popular Italian Wedding Favors

Many cultures have their own traditions when it comes to celebrating a wedding and most of the times these traditions are enriched by the other cultures with which people come in contact. The same has happened with the custom of presenting wedding favors to the guests as a way of appreciation for attending the most special day in the life of a couple. This one wasn’t necessarily a part of an Italian wedding, traditionally speaking, but with so many Italian communities living across USA, this has become already a custom and as such many couples have started to present Italian wedding favors to their invitees.

Italian Wedding FavorsSource

Italian Wedding Favors

Borrowing this custom from the adoptive country, Italian couples look to find the Italian wedding favors in accordance to their spirit and sense of beauty. They try to find those favors that describe the best their nationality, their culture and last, but not least the romance that is so characteristic to the Italian human nature, maybe more than with other nationalities. The following ideas count among the most popular Italian wedding favors


Italian Wedding FavorsSource

Italian Wedding Favors

* Olive oil bottles – they come in various shapes with beautifully designed decorative details that can be easily personalized with everything that the couple wishes to transmit. Why olive oil? Because the famous Italian pasta use this culinary ingredient for the sauces that are tastefully served with the so popular spaghetti.

* Coffee spoons are another Italian wedding favors idea that is widely used by Italian wedding couples as Italians are renowned for their love for coffee beverages. These ones come also with the possibility of being personalized.

Italian Wedding FavorsSource

Italian Wedding Favors

* Presenting each guest with a bottle of wine they can take at home. Italians are not famous only for their pizzas, spaghetti, and Cappuccino, but also for their taste in wine. They prefer having it with every dinner, so offering your guests a taste of the traditional Italian wine as Italian wedding favors is another idea that can be as well, easily personalized. Couples can choose to personalize an extra label for the bottles with funny or savvy logo and stick it on the bottles along with the original labels.

* Another popular Italian wedding favor comes in the format of almonds and chocolate. They are considered symbol of hope, love, health, prosperity and a deep meaning of blessing for those who serve them. These ones can be chosen to be presented in personalized boxes with a beautiful design that can range from elegance and sophistication to simple and delicate.

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