The nonconformist couple and their hippie wedding- how to express this style and theme in the decor

You’ve seen in movies, maybe you’ve heard something from your parents too, their early juvenescence, the hippies where actually a community with different ideas about society, actually their aim was to bring a protest to the life conventions imposed. Odd for some their style was of a bohemian touch in a way. For your inspiration, in the attempt to recreate a hippie style wedding decor, we bring today a few ideas.

Hippie wedding ideas

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With the concept hippies loved, close to the nature, this may be the first to take into account element, at least for the wedding location. Besides that hippie wedding ideas we have and suggest are about:

Hippie wedding ideas

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  • The minivan, the vintage buss to be the bride and groom’s car, for when they arrive at the church, for when they leave.
  • Floral design. The cake, for the table covering or even the bridal shoes this imprint to vivify the whole look decor.
  • Someone playing at the guitar is a must.
  • The sun flower can be one of the best choices in flowers types for such a wedding. You can have them in small vases on tables or hanging jars or pots.
Hippie wedding ideas

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  • Birdcages can be also another type decoration for a hippie wedding.
  • Paper butterflies all colored in different tones or all the same to be another decor part of your hippie wedding, for example there where the delicious desserts stand. And being at this part we recommend better cupcakes.

As for the bride and groom to fit in such a hippie wedding decor how about a coronet of flowers the bride wears in her head and the groom wearing a casual costume with no tie and tennis shoes.


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