The polite way of the bride and groom expression of how they want the wedding to be

It’s your day, your wedding so you have all the rights to say it loud and clear what you want and how. Yes it is understandable to think so but let’s not forget that without guests you have no wedding but a family meeting and plus you need to keep a polite tone. Sometimes not even saying it directly is polite so today we reveal you some wedding etiquettes to help you deal with your needs and “guests’ education”.

First of all, through the wedding invitations you say a lot. So what you choose to have written inside will influence a lot of the guests’ behavior. For example it is impolite to mention about where you are registered but you can add something on the bottom line about the wedding website you have. Some prefer not even that to do but to spread by words of mouth the idea. The same thing happens with cash gifts and allowing bringing kids or not at the party. Mention “adult reception” is enough to suggest that.

Second of all, the wedding etiquette as well for the pre wedding time dictates that at the bridal shower shouldn’t be invited persons that have declined the wedding invitation or those you haven’t even invited at the wedding.

When it comes for the big day the wedding etiquette is a set of rules of how the event to go. But it is for the guests too. For example if you arrive later at the wedding ceremony you shouldn’t enter in the church, not until the bride finishes her march down the aisle. Also, for any couple that brings the gift at the reception the bride and groom shouldn’t open it right there. For all the gifts it is expected a formal thank you note.

Don’t take the wedding etiquettes as a burden since it is more about being polite. For anything you don’t know people around may give you a certain answer, family is on which to count more and the agent planner and his or her experience will guide you in any case.

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