The Red Color Theme and the Red Gifts for Your Bridesmaids

Organizing your wedding in a color scheme is a trend that has gained more and more popularity among the range of modern brides. To go with red as a color scheme for your wedding is definitely a bold statement as red is the color of passion, of deep love, of hot feelings and emotions. If you want to make a great impression on your bridesmaids, then you should think of presenting them with gifts in the same tone with the wedding color scheme: choosing red bridesmaid gifts for your best friends. One idea would be to select beautiful bath sets that come in red color as they have ingredients of raspberry while others have the flavors of red roses.

Red Bridesmaid GiftsSource

Red Bridesmaid Gifts

It is best to consider offering your friends with the same choice of red bridesmaid gifts since you wouldn’t want to make any difference among them, as they are all your best friends, especially that now with the event going on you got even much closer to one another.

Red Bridesmaid GiftsSource

Red Bridesmaid Gifts

As a second suggestion for red gifts of your friends, you could choose an elegant set of ball pen and fountain pen covered in red metal and put inside a velvet decorated box. This is something that should last a lifetime and you can also have the metal of the pens personalized with their names.

Red Bridesmaid GiftsSource

Red Bridesmaid Gifts

Red bridesmaid gifts can come as cosmetic kits that include red lipstick, eau de toilette in a red bottle and red heart shaped soap. They can be found online in various stores and after you have ordered for them you should look for a gift box in the form of a heart and present the kit inside these boxes that can be beautifully tied with a red silk ribbon bow.

There are various Valentine’s Day gifts that come in red color, such as red rose made of glass that can be offered as elegant and long lasting red bridesmaid gifts. Or you can opt for a glass rose candleholder with a scented candle that has also the perfume of a rose and is colored in pink. You could choose a beautiful photo frame that comes in silver plated and instead of a photo you can press three red roses against the glass with a yellow colored paper as a background on which you write in black letters a dedication to your best friends for agreeing to make you the honor of attending your important event as your bridesmaids.

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