The same plan, a different perspective- wedding ceremonies with personality

We know that generally speaking all weddings are the same, with the same course of events, first the religious ceremony and then the party. But in all these there must be points where grooms can put the imprint of their style and make it all a unique event as in planning as in decor. Today we come with wedding ceremony ideas.

Starting with the location something fancy may mean to choose an abroad venue but not all can afford that. Even in your local town but not inside or at the church as people may expect to be. The first of the wedding ceremony ideas hints at the place, from the informal wedding in a garden or at the pool to a sophisticated one on a beach, at a high ranked hotel, on a rooftop, the country style at a ranch, in a museum- with approbation.

Going further, besides the common way planning of the ceremony from the officiant found to the wedding attire some others wedding ceremony ideas are related to the decor. It is a matter of taste and all reported to the wedding type and theme you will have but take into consideration:

  • Sand ceremony as a more spiritual meaning of all. This is an alternative for the unity candles, also great for a summer time wedding.
  • Create the decor as being the expression of the two of you, from the all colored view for example each chair different in nuance to the simple style but accent on small details. An aisle of petals is a romantic setting, jars of flowers at each row of chairs, enlightened branches decor, sky lanterns instead of doves to free after the ceremony.
  • To suggests the unity after the ceremony you can inspire from the lovers practice in Paris, on “Pont des Artes”, to lock your love and heart and throw the key as being together forever from now on.
  • The ceremony in garden can be amplified in effect and symbolism to be under a tree, suggesting life and at the same time replacing any arch and be that the creativity challenge to find proper decorations.


People should remind a wedding day not only for the event itself but the way they felt by participating, the unique way of planning, where and how, impressive in all details. And this is any couple’s goal right?


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