The satin veil with ribbon trim and blusher

Often brides opt for something simple as veil when the dress is a detailed design to keep a balance in view but this doesn’t mean you are limited in option. In different cuts length, in different colors and designs even though minimalists you still have from where to choose. And far from being a banal look today we present you the satin veil style.

Satin Veil with Ribbon Trim and Blusher

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At Davids Bridal is the style V 123, satin veil with ribbon trim and blusher. We may say it’s of a classic style but coming with a plus that changes everything, that trim is the main effect and in a more concrete way explained it is about:

Satin Veil with Ribbon Trim and Blusher

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  • Shoulders length in two layers, a style between formal and informal. And more edifying will be the design part.
  • One layer, the one that covers the bride’s face is the simple tulle. The second one, that one that flows on the back is trimmed with satin wide line. This accent is the main design, the boosting beauty effect. But not when it is about a bride wearing a high neck dress.
  • As type of veil this is the waterfall, the one that is placed on top of head, voluminous, bouffant. From this point of view brides have to judge the hairstyle type convenient to be kind of hidden under. A gorgeous loop of hair will be of no effect as not being at sight and having loose hair may be of a hard way to have such a veil as needing a sustaining part under it.
Satin Veil with Ribbon Trim and Blusher

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  • Available in white or ivory too, for each case bride and her color of the wedding dress, the trim changes its color too.

The price for this is $69.


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