The Sensuality of Corset Wedding Gowns

Wedding planning is a task that requires plenty of attention, commitment and patience especially for those brides who face for the first time this sort of experience. Among all the details included in a wedding preparation, there is one that demands your full attention and commitment: the choice of your wedding gown. It is indeed a task that is not only filled with excitement, but also confusing and overwhelming, if you consider the richness of choices a bride is offered with.

Corset Wedding Gowns

Corset Wedding Gowns

Among all these choices one is the most sensual that comes in several types and fabrics, not to mention colors: the corset wedding gowns. These styles of bodices, the corset type, highlight the silhouette of a woman’s body in a sensual way, but it is also very feminine accenting the bride’s personality and style.

Reaching to browse for the wedding gown of your own liking and personality, you will soon understand that these gowns are completely different from other styles that are appropriate for special occasions. As such, you will see that the most preferred style of a wedding gown is the A-line cut or the princess style, where the skirt in the form of A letter is attached to a bodice that is mostly designed in the corset style of a wedding gown.

Corset Wedding Gowns

Corset Wedding Gowns

Another style that can comprise the corseted bodice is the ball gown style, a rich in fabric skirt, the one that mainly uses crinoline as a petticoat underneath to add more richness to the skirt style. This is again the format of a gown that can be successfully incorporated in the corset wedding gown pattern.

Corsets are known to be worn for centuries, but with the morality of the 40s they were seldom worn in public. But they used to be and still are used in the design of various lingerie styles that can be worn in the intimacy of the lovers’ bedroom to light up the flames of passion. When corsets are used in the ensemble of a corset wedding gown, they are designed to make the wasp-waist for the bride, allowing the breast to appear very opulent and sensual.

Corset Wedding Gowns

Corset Wedding Gowns

The good thing with corset wedding gowns is that they can work great with any sort of silhouette, even if the bride’s figure is more of a larger shape. Corset wedding gowns come with various fabrics of the dress and various colors as well, but maybe the most sensual and also elegant style of corset wedding gown is that corset attached to the mermaid style of a wedding dress.

Fashion designers have used this pattern to create exquisite designs that borrow shapes and structures from medieval dresses, but also from the flamingo style of the Spanish dancers. Adding various details to these patterns, such as ruffles, fringes, feathers or pleats, not to mention elaborate embroideries, fashion designers have managed to rise the style of corset wedding gowns to the level of a work of art, worth being worn by a bride in the most important and unique day of her life.

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