The simple classic style of your wedding invitations

It’s a strategy you should have for your wedding planning. As long as you aren’t concerned by any of the expenses you are saved from such plans but sometimes you got to put yourself the question: is it worthy? It all should come with a reasonable price. And when it comes about the wedding invitations the dilemma is about the design, the challenge to find something that defines your wedding and all combined with a good price. We have one proposal for you: the wedding radiance in foil print, champagne touch style.

Wedding Radiance in Foil Print Champagne Shimmer

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Davids Bridal has this style cards. With a neutral design the best part about these is the suitability in various cases. Practically you choose something that can be the style of a sober high class wedding, for one that is themed too. Of course not everybody will agree about these since it is a matter of taste but surely will be convenient for those that are on a classic style page, for those that want something simple and not a detailed design invitation.

Wedding Radiance in Foil Print Champagne Shimmer

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In a concrete presentation these wedding radiance in foil print invitations are about simple cards, one page so no folding necessary. As measurements it is about 7 3/4″ x 5 1/2″. For the style text and color of this it is up to you.

Wedding Radiance in Foil Print Champagne Shimmer

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If choosing the version of champagne touch recommended is to opt for the classic black writing or something dark to make a contrast and easy to read invitation,. Apart from this, considering as design cut type invitation begin a simple classic one the style writing can help you compensate.


The price for these vary according to the quantity, so if choosing 100 pieces you pay per one $2, 30 and less as the quantity is more.


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