The Sparkling Gold of Your 50th Wedding Anniversary Gifts

What can be more relevant for a deep love and commitment than the celebration of 50 years of marriage? If the married couple has reached already to celebrate together this anniversary, then this is the proof of a happy and lucky fate. Not many couples reach this moment in such a way that they can even afford to throw a party where their family members attend with presentation of 50th wedding anniversary gifts.

The flower symbolizing this anniversary is violet, the metal is gold, and the gemstone is golden or imperial topaz. Now everything within this wedding anniversary should bear the sparkle of gold even in the gift that you think of presenting to your husband/wife.

It is a fact that couples reaching this wedding anniversary consider exchanging vows once again with golden wedding bands as in a sweet remembrance of their marriage day. And what other better metal would belong to this celebration if not gold which is also the symbol for wealth and optimism? Gold which stands for strength, resistance and sparkling beauty! All these features have been vowed for at the beginning of the marriage and they can as well be vowed for at this late time of the married couple’s life.

This is why 50th wedding anniversary gifts should contain the sparkle of gold along with the presentation of a violet bouquet or violet flowers cultivated in a ceramic pot to decorate the porch or the window sill in their bedroom. As the couple’s child you can throw a surprise party for your parents, this being also your choice of 50th wedding anniversary gift. You should consider adding the sparkle of gold in the form of glittering confetti spread all over the flowers, on the table linen. When creating the invitations for the rest of the family members, do not forget to sprinkle the gold on the card board to give the impressive glittering tone of the invitation.


Another idea would be to offer your parents as 50th wedding anniversary gift a cruise ticket for Europe, if they are willing to travel that far on board of the ship. If you are more children and nephews you can raise quite a good amount of money buying them this ticket for the first class cruise option. You can choose from various online websites belonging to Cruising Agencies which can present discounts on packages designed for special anniversaries.

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