The Special Style of Your Wedding Favors – Glass Wedding Favors

If you want to present your wedding guests with something special as a token of your appreciation for the fact they have attended the most important day of your life, you should decide buying glass wedding favors.

Glass Wedding FavorsSource

Glass Wedding Favors

They come in so many different designs, colors and ways of being personalized that you can have hard times in deciding on the glasses to represent your style in front of your guests. One thing that makes these favors be very popular is the fact they can be personalized with almost everything it crosses your mind.

Glass Wedding Favors Source

Glass Wedding Favors

You can present your glass wedding favors in pairs along with bottle stoppers that are made of the same glass carrying the same personalized message. One other idea would be to buy a set of miniature wine glasses with a miniature wine bottle that can have the personalized label of your photo and details of your wedding. But what about shot glass wedding favors? They are also very easy to personalize and designed in both square and round sections along with various glass colors to choose from.

Glass Wedding Favors Source

Glass Wedding Favors

Another thing that you can think of is presenting your guests, glass wedding favors filed with all sorts of sweets, spices, but also multi-colored beads to bring a great decorative effect to the specific glass. You can choose to present these glasses filled with jelly beans that not only look very decorative, but are also edible.

Make sure that you find a way to have these glasses beautifully wrapped. There are so many modalities to have these glasses wrapped! If these ones come with long stems you can just wrap only the part from above with white tulle and tie the edges with a colored ribbon that can be printed with your names on it.


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