The Special Style of Your Wedding Invitations

Writing and creating your message of getting married to your family members and friends could be indeed a task that challenges your imagination if you aim to send unusual wedding invitations. Most of the times, the idea for creating specially designed wedding cards can emerge fromĀ  the theme of your wedding if you have already thought of one. Many wedding couples plan to have a themed wedding just for the sake to add a touch of their personality or for adding a special effect to the most important day of their life.

Unusual Wedding Invitations

Unusual Wedding Invitations

The importance of the day is what makes these couples become suddenly very creative and very personal in the preparation of this event, therefore creating their unusual wedding invitations comes most of the times as part of the planning process. It is not very hard to find ideas online, inside various pages of wedding stationery where artists, professional ones and amateurs alike, have come up with inspiring designs that can be as well used for the special style of your wedding invitations


Unusual Wedding Invitations

Unusual Wedding Invitations

For instance, if you have planned a beach themed wedding, thank God that there are so many available items to relate to this theme. You can use sea shells, sea stars, dolphins and sea horses as beautiful decorative elements for your wedding invitation. If you are talented with designing you can craft the wedding card in such a manner that will definitely look as unusual wedding invitations. Or you can buy for instance small canvas and paint them in colored oil with abstract images of the sea creatures or simply to symbolize the waves of the sea.

Unusual Wedding Invitations

Unusual Wedding Invitations

There are great color combinations that one can obtain from mixing oil colors and after that applying them on the naked canvas. There are again online images of paintings from where you can get inspired. Make sure that you make these small wedding invitation paintings way too sooner to give time for the oil to get properly dried. Then you can also make or better buy small sized easel to place the painting and on the back side simply attach the card mentioning the details of your wedding.

This type of unusual wedding invitation can work great as an ever lasting wedding card, there is no need to send over the save-the-date card as this painting placed on the shelf will act as a beautiful reminder for your guests.

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