The Stage Offbeat Style of Lady Gaga and Her Wedding Dress

Pictures made in October 2010 have led Lady Gaga’s fans to the conclusion that her rumored wedding to Luc Carl will take place as the singer appeared in something that looked like Lady Gaga wedding dress. Her offbeat style that she is so used to wear on stage and her various video hits will be also there when her wedding celebration takes place? If we consider her tastes in dressing, we could easily discover that her style is far from being traditional, so why should it be there any difference when coming to Lady Gaga wedding dress style?

Lady Gaga Wedding Dress

Lady Gaga Wedding Dress

The romantic couple has reportedly tied the spiritual knot in Greece last year where they have exchanged the vows of friendship until the wedding ceremony will be organized. Could Lady Gaga next fashion appearance be a wedding gown? And if yes, who is going to design it for her?  But let’s not be too hasty, considering that not even the engagement was announced yet.

Lady Gaga Wedding Dress

Lady Gaga Wedding Dress

In one of the Fashion Week in Paris, last year, Lady Gaga played the musical director for Thierry Mugler’s men’s line of fashion. Her involvement in the fashion world will definitely lead to a Lady Gaga wedding dress that is created in her style.

In one of her statements, Lady Gaga has declared that she would love to have a winter wedding performed inside a British castle that she plans to buy for herself. Those she likes the best are the castles from Scotland and. Northern England. She hasn’t mentioned anything about the Lady Gaga wedding dress style, but instead she expressed her wishes for wearing the Elvis Presley’s horseshoe ring and having Dita Von Teese doing one of her burlesque dances.

Lady Gaga Wedding Dress

Lady Gaga Wedding Dress

There is a strong romantic connection that ties Luc Carl to Lady Gaga and vice versa. Although her style was very often seen as weird, many times she ended up being catalogued under the type of stars who are weird and wonderful. Her concern over her stage appearances, with wigs and style of dresses created by herself, makes her be one of the busiest and hard-working pop star in the world.

If we were to take the Greek ceremony that took place on a beach as the wedding ceremony of the couple, then we could take the gown she was wearing as Lady Gaga wedding dress made in a “barely-there” style. With a white gown that featured a plunging neckline and a huge slit in front the girl made after all for that bold dress to work for the given ceremony.

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