The Symbol of Love in the Choice of Your Wedding Favors

Heart has always stood for the symbol of love whenever the circumstance called for a material representation of this noble feeling. Why heart?, many would ask. Well, because heart was believed to be the place where the soul resides, this unseen part of our being that is loaded with so many emotions that can so easily play with our physical state of our mind and health. The stylized description of heart is used prevalently in symbolizing love. Many of such depictions are seen mostly on the Valentine’s Day, the only day in the year that celebrates the feeling of love and being in love.

Love Hearts Wedding Favors

Love Hearts Wedding Favors

As a bride planning the details of your wedding reception you will come to the point where the choice for wedding favors should be decided. If you want to offer your wedding guests the token of love and appreciation for the fact that they have agreed to share with you the most important day of your life, you can consider love hearts wedding favors as a best option.

They are not that hard to find, but you should definitely decide which type of favor to go for: the consumable choice or the lasting for ever choice. These two alternatives are the ones that you can find online or offline inside the wedding supplies stores.  The following ideas are suggested to you as great love hearts wedding favors to present to your guests:

Love Hearts Wedding Favors

Love Hearts Wedding Favors

* The heart shaped scoops that can be found inside the online choices of love heart wedding favors for couples wishing to present something more than a box of candies.

Love Hearts Wedding Favors

Love Hearts Wedding Favors

* There are various heart shaped decorative items (coming in red or silver versions of color) that can be presented to your guests, symbolic items that used to decorate your window or entrance door for the Valentine’s Day.

* Another practical love hearts wedding favors could be heart shaped tins that come in various sizes and colors filled with either heart shaped candies or chocolate covered almonds. You can also fill them up with colorful Tic-Tac mints, if candies are not preferred.

* A set of heart shaped coasters can be presented to your guests having them personalized with your names and wedding date. They can make also a practical item for your love hearts wedding favors.

* The picture frame in the shape of a heart – you can order for these frames and insert your picture in there to make an unforgettable element of your wedding celebration.

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