The Symbolism in Jewish Wedding Invitations

Jewish weddings are based in their entirety on meaningful rituals and very deepened into tradition as one can see also from the symbolism displayed in their Jewish wedding invitations. A traditional Jewish wedding ceremony contains a lot of elements that relate symbolically to the relationship that is sealed between husband and wife. If you take a look inside the online pages of wedding stationery that is specially reserved to Jewish weddings you would see the presence of the following symbols beautifully decorating the front pages of Jewish wedding cards. It would be of a common sense to understand these symbols if it happens for you, being of a different faith, to be invited to your Jewish friend’s wedding celebration.

Jewish Wedding InvitationsSource

Jewish Wedding Invitations

It is important to emphasize also the way these symbols have cemented over time the identify and culture of this people who had such a heavy cross to carry on their shoulders. Another thing to understand here is the fact that these symbols are related to Judaism and Hebrew language being as old as the people itself. These symbols that one can often meet inside the decorative and artistic style of Jewish wedding invitations are as follows:

* Chai – is a Hebrew symbol that stands for living or life being also equal to the number 18 which according to Jewish tradition bonds for weddings as well as Bar Mitzvahs. You will see many Jewish people wearing Chai pendants as they believe to be the virtue for protection. When this word is inscribed in jewelry it stands for the sanctity of life.

Jewish Wedding Invitations Source

Jewish Wedding Invitations

* Shema Yisrael – is a symbol drawn from Bible and it can be seen reflected on the front page of many Jewish wedding invitations or it can be found as well creating the invitation itself. This is because it represents a sacred scroll where a prayer is written in the form of a declaration of faith and the belief in Lord as our one and only God.

* The Book of Psalms – is a symbol that is carried also in t he form of pendant by many Jewish being seen as a virtue of protection and blessing.

Jewish Wedding Invitations Source

Jewish Wedding Invitations

* Star of David – is probably the most commonly met symbol which is represented also in all sorts of decorative forms on many of Jewish wedding invitations. The six pointed star was the symbol that biblical king David used to carry on his shield. Other cultures have also taken this symbol as representation of positive energies that are able to fight off negative energies and evil spirits.

Places where to find Jewish wedding invitations are all over the internet. Juts type in the specific words and you will be introduced to many websites that sell these wedding cards. The imagination of these designers is quite amazing as they manage to combine the Jewish symbols with other decorative elements in quite a successful and innovative way. Having the sense of color and esthetic, these artisans design beautiful and creative wedding cards encompassing the tradition with modernity in a complete harmony. Let’s see some of these available sites that sell Jewish wedding invitations and other accessories needed for this special event:

Jewish Wedding Invitations Source

Jewish Wedding Invitations

* At Irasperipheralvisions – one can find a family run business that sell wedding stationery that can be customized according to the couples’ needs. They give the chance to first have a sample of the ordered invitation before proceeding into ordering for the entire set. The symbols that these invitations contain are: the Star of David, Torah, as well as Floral embellishments in various pastel colors.

* At Chosson Andkallah you are presented with options of Jewish wedding invitations that allow your wedding guests learn about the new experience they are going to live while attending your special celebration. These invitations are not only of the biblical symbols but they come also in casual formats depending of course on the style of wedding you plan to organize.

Jewish Wedding Invitations Source

Jewish Wedding Invitations

* At Creative Jewish invitations – you can see beautifully crafted cards on various types of paper along with fine gloss and shimmer that bring a great finish for every Jewish wedding invitation they produce. They deliver also Scroll invitations to add a special touch to your wedding event. There  is an entire team assisting you to the smaller details with their creativity and complete dedication for their customers’ satisfaction.

* Other sites that offer you the chance to browse through more options are: Empire Press, Print-o-Matic, Goldstein Xpress,  Zeesi – Illuminations from Jerusalem, and many others.

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