The Timeless Style of Glass Wedding Favors

The upcoming celebration of your wedding calls for the last details to be checked on the wedding planning checklist and among these ones wedding favors count as well as very important items. You have finally decided to buy glass wedding favors to present to your guests, as you consider them quite practical and easy to be personalized. There are various options to choose from, but the best choice to go for is to buy the glasses that can be used in pairs for an intimate evening of the couples who attend your wedding celebration. For instance you can choose wholesale glass wedding favors that are suitable for a Scotch drink as these ones are the solid type and easy to b e customized. You can choose a love quote to imprint on these glasses along with your names and the date of your wedding.

Glass Wedding Favors

Glass Wedding Favors

Or another choice would be to buy glass wedding favors in the shape of glasses for ice cream and present them to your guests with a sweet type of logo printed on them indicating your wishful thoughts for a sweet and refreshing bite out of the ice cream glass.

You could as well go for those glasses that can be simply used as one stem flower vase and you might as well present them to your guests with an artificial flower. They can be also customized with your names and the date of your wedding celebration.

Glass Wedding Favors

Glass Wedding Favors

In the choice of your glass wedding favors, there is definitely the matter of price that can determine the choice, especially if you look at a wedding celebration encompassing more than 100 guests. But glassware or merely glasses are quite an affordable option even for large weddings. Most of the prices range between $1 and $4 as it would be too much to spend for other options of wedding favors


Glass Wedding Favors

Glass Wedding Favors

Many wedding couples prefer choosing candies that are way cheaper for the favors presented to the guests, but with the choice of consumable stuff there won’t be any memorable items left for the guests other than wedding photos.

So, you can never go wrong with glass wedding favors, as everybody will appreciate your thought of bringing the memory of your wedding day printed on a glass from where a Bourbon drink will be sipped in the romantic evening of the twos.  Whatever style of glass you finally pick up, make sure to have it personalized as in this way it can becomes an unforgettable memory of your special day.

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