The Unique Style of Retro Wedding Dresses

If you are a fan for pieces of garment that belonged to other decades of fashion industry, such as it is the vintage look, then choosing the unique style of retro wedding dress for your wedding celebration could be a great inspiring idea. This style will not only have to dress your bridal appearance, but you can also opt for planning the entire wedding in the retro style. You can browse the online collections of wedding gowns in this respect and wonder at the versatility of this style. It is amazing how a fashion style can be so easily combined with modern elements but still managing to preserve the retro look in a distinct manner.

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Retro Wedding Dresses

When searching online for these versions of retro wedding dresses you will come across the “Posh Girl Vintage”, an online clothing store established in South California. It is run by an inveterate vintage clothing collector who had the chance to work with unusual types of clothing while being around and involved in film industry. The business owner has always been a fan for beautifully designed and well made clothing regardless of the age they have been created. The collections of both retro wedding dresses and vintage clothing along with the vintage lingerie include both unknown labels and designers creations where the high standards of quality and style are met.

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Retro Wedding Dresses

“Posh Girl Vintage” is the perfect online place where brides can find that retro wedding dress for their vintage style of their wedding celebration. Not to mention that the dress comes also with matching accessories, so do not be afraid of not finding what you need for complementing your bridal retro look. The most favorite decades of fashion industry  for the business owner are the 50s, 60s, and 70s, periods of time that are displayed inside collections of cocktail and formal gowns along with vintage prom dresses. There are also the remote decades of fashion designing from the 20s to 40s but they are not that often displayed online because they tend to disappear very quickly out of the stock. The full skirts and fitted bodices, the Audrey Hepburn dresses style, count among the favorite and more inspired retro wedding dresses


Retro Wedding DressesSource / Shop this

Retro Wedding Dresses

Another place to shop for retro wedding dresses is the “Wedding Magazine “ where the 50s come with beautiful creations as well as bridal accessories to match the retro style of a modern bride. The prices are quite high (somewhere around £1,500 and more), but one can never go wrong with designs that include creations by Beverly Lister, Ian Stuart, Alan Hannah and others more.

At Whirlingturban, brides can find another source of retro wedding dresses that come at very accessible prices for Offbeat Bride who wants to have a less traditional wedding where the vintage look of her bridal aspect is totally unique and personal.

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