The Wedding Dress of a Famous ”Virgin”

It seems that wedding dresses have always been a fascination for Madonna, since the dawns of her musical and acting career. But as with many other stars, her life also knew not only a single wedding celebration, but more. We remember her famous “Like a virgin” song that has catapulted her into a mega-star and an icon in international fashion industry. In the video images that were shot to promote the song, Madonna appeared dressed in a corseted wedding gown with ruffles of tulle that were softly blown by a gentle breeze.

Madonna wedding dress

Madonna wedding dress

She had the same choice for attire when needing to appear on the stage of MTV VMAs. On this occasion, Madonna wedding dress choice went for a short version of wedding dress with a veil and a black belt outlining her wasp waist. From that point on, Madonna became the number one icon of pop music with many young generations of her time imitating her style.

Her weddings, one to Sean Penn and the other to Guy Ritchie were brought into the public attention as she was known already as a very controversial pop figure with a very non-conformist lifestyle. At her last wedding, in December 22 – 2000, marrying to Guy Ritchie, everybody presumed that she had finally found the big love of her life.

Madonna Wedding Dress

Madonna Wedding Dress

The wedding was quite a large one showing an immense guest list and a preparation worth comparing it to a fairy tale. The romantic setting, a Scottish castle, added an air of history and traditions that were strictly related to the culture of her hubby’s roots. It was rumored that she initially wanted to use Princes Diana estate for her wedding setting, but she was refused this favor.

Madonna Wedding Dress

Madonna Wedding Dress

Madonna wedding dress was a Chloé creation, Stella McCartney designer – the daughter of the famous singer, the ex-Beatles’ Paul McCartney. Her diamond tiara was loaned to her by Asprey & Garrard valuing a quarter of a million dollars. The style of Madonna wedding dress can be described as a strapless wedding gown made of ivory silk with a long train as a very impressive detail. Next element brought to Madonna wedding dress overall appearance was an antique lace veil that came with a note of elegance and feminine mystery. Some sources have reported that Madonna used a tartan plaid sash to accent her bridal look.

Although many of the fans have seen this wedding as a very long lasting one, it lasted merely 8 years during which Madonna knew how to combine being a good wife and mom with the ever demanding career.

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