The wedding veils through the years

With the modernism influence nowadays more and more brides prefer to exclude certain elements and accessories with the idea of why needing it after all. It happens with the veil as well, finding as replacement a small hat, a fancier look as some consider.

Actually the veil has the sensuality symbol, an attractive presence since it represents the temptation of discovering the mystery of a woman’s beauty. Do you still want to get rid of the veil?

History of wedding veilsSource

History of wedding veils

The history of wedding veils starts in ancient times when weddings were more like businesses parts between families and less about the couple implied as direct expressed agreement. The groom to be had no idea about how his bride to be looked like until the moment of the ceremony to end and them married already. With the veil on her head the bride was a mystery in appearance.

History of wedding veils Source

History of wedding veils

In a more rude way it was considered one way to make the groom accept the marriage no matter the bride’s beauty. So the physical appearance was considered to be of a less important than the soul. But actually we conclude that the material part made the whole marriage agreement.

History of wedding veils Source

History of wedding veils

In another interpretation the veil was one way to keep the bride “hidden” from others men eyes. She was “promised” to be only for her groom and so not even a blink of an eye to have another angle than her man.

Nowadays the veil is worn but not in an extreme way to hide the bride’s face. It is transparent, in a symbolic way meaning the purity. As how only to her man she will reveal her beauty and femininity the veil will be removed from the bride’s face by the groom in front of the altar.


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