The wondrous crystal style earrings

At the end of the clothing part shopping brides have enough time not think at the accessories. It’s often about jewelry but not a complete set. A high neck dress won’t make it possible for the bride to wear a necklace, no bracelet when the bouquet is too big or gloves are needed so it remains for earrings. Today our proposal is about a bright wondrous style, the blue crystal drop earrings.

Blue Crystal Drop Earring

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Besides the difference in taste it is about the suitability part that draws a line between brides choosing these or seeing as just a desirable style but for other occasion than the wedding day. Analyzing the situation these earrings are about:

Blue Crystal Drop Earring

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  • A tear drop shape style, one that all brides can choose. Why so? For those with a round face it is not indicated to wear small round shaped earrings and clips style. As single thing to comment from this point of view these are suitable to all.
  • As style it is something romantic on the one hand and totally formal on the other, a bright shiny look, glamorous for some maybe too much for others.
Blue Crystal Drop Earring

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  • Counting the blue part you can also combine concepts so the earrings to be the blue detail tradition mentions about brides. It’s not necessary for blue to be one of your wedding colors so that you can bring a contrast.
  • But being long and from a narrow part to the bottom of the earrings being a teardrop shape big and heavy it may be an unaesthetic look when you wear them. Also they may cling in your hair so attention how you combine these accessories to your hairstyle or veil.


Such a pair of earrings style we found at Davids Bridal for only $15.


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