Things to Know on Wedding Save the Date Cards

Many wedding couples prefer to simply send the wedding invitations to their guests, willingly or not omitting to insert the wedding Save the Date card together with the invitation. Some do not include this additional note due to the extra costs involved, while others simply design the wedding invitation in such a manner that it works as both invitation and save the date card. In case you want to send also the wedding save the date card with your invitation, you should know some things related to this aspect. Read on and find out which these things are:

Wedding Save the DatesSource

Wedding Save the Dates

* Why is wedding save the date card necessary? While many couples take it for granted that guests who want to attend the specific wedding will be organized enough that they can mark the date on their wall calendar, you simply can not count on this. It has happened to you also to mark an important date on the calendar and being taken by other things to miss the date and the event with it.

Wedding Save the DatesSource

Wedding Save the Dates

* What else is there to include in wedding save the dates? At the beginning, save the date cards contained merely the basic info – names, the date and on occasions the venue of both of the wedding parts. While many of them still keep the same format, there are wedding couples choosing to include various other details, such as the dressing code – if there is one, or the them of the wedding and many others alike. This will help the guests get prepared well in advance with planning their schedule for the future date of the wedding along with any special attire required. There is suggested for the couple to include a link to their wedding website, if there is one available where instructions on location and other details are displayed.

Wedding Save the DatesSource

Wedding Save the Dates

* Where to start from in case the bride wishes to make the wedding save the date card on her own? The answer here would be to either go for the specific software programs that can help with designing, graphics, and wording of these cards or to use your own skills in graphic design. The later would be preferred as in this way you can add more personal touch and vision to your own wedding save the date cards and they will be more appreciated than the ‘officially’ designed ones.

* How can one decide on the style? These wedding save the date cards work mostly as informative notes for your guests, therefore you shouldn’t be too concerned with their design. On the other hand, do not be afraid to use your imagination, as most of the times they will be highly regarded at when guests will see how much fun and creativity you have inserted in the creation of these save the date cards.

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