Thoughtful Junior Bridesmaid Gifts

There are many creative and inexpensive gift ideas that you can come up with to present as junior bridesmaid gifts for the special help that these young ladies can offer you with the celebration of your wedding. Read on and find out some suggestions that can give you an idea on these special gifts for these special maids:

Junior Bridesmaid Gifts

Junior Bridesmaid Gifts

* Give a purse filled with samples of make-up products that include eye shadows, lip gloss, and creams that go for her age. You can add in this purse sunglasses and a fashion magazine for juniors – the title they love the most. Other things that might com with this purse: hair brush, hair spray, sparkling hair clips, along with a thank you card for the support she has been offered to you.

Junior Bridesmaid Gifts

Junior Bridesmaid Gifts

* Another idea of junior bridesmaid gifts would be to purchase a pendant with a pair of earrings that match with the necklace that you can have it engraved with her initials. This set can be presented in a jewelry box, the type of chest that looks like an ancient treasure. Girls love this type of jewelry box which can also be personalized with their name.

Junior Bridesmaid Gifts

Junior Bridesmaid Gifts

* Purchase a season pass to one of the local attraction that are preferred by girls of her age, such as a zoo or an amusement park. You can present it together with a goodies bag to which you can attach some colorful ribbons and a tiny thank you card.

* Another junior bridesmaid gift can be seen on in the form of a bisque ceramic angel figurine which is delicately adorned with clear gemstones and wings that have an intricate design. This figurine is 6 inch high and makes a gorgeous gift for junior bridesmaid presented at Pavilion Gift with the collection “Little Things Mean a Lot”.


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